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iTunes Library Spring Cleaning/ De-duplicating/ Library Merging

Anyone who has a video or music library in iTunes over the years and multiple machines, probably has many itunes libraries…

I have a Mac Mini, 2 Macbook pros, 2 iPads (business/ personal) and desktop Mac and 2 iPhones – as well as  machines that have been retired so I’ve ended up with at least 4 iTunes libraries.

I’ve researched many ways to remove duplicates or do you duplicate my iTunes library I have also researched many ways to manage the iTunes library space almost every method has its drawback I have gone for a roundabout way to remove duplicates and most libraries

Araxis Find Duplate Files application – at only  $9.99  works well.
Basically I scan iTunes media folders in multiple iTunes libraries (perhaps 30,000 items)  and then I work with the scan results. There is a way to highlight duplicates which then I remove one copy and delete – yippee – I am de-duplicated…
Then there is also a way to show items without duplicates across multiple libraries – which I then sort by source library folder. Having sorted by source library folder I select the source library files that are not duplicates,  and simply drag those in to the master library.  Yes I lose playlist information and other items but at least I have a streamlined system that is merged, and have a single library to work with.
Mashduo is also a free app which you run across your iTunes library files – and it quickly shows where you have items that need to be moved into your new library.
Sounds like a lot of messing around – but it is considerably less than having, say, 10,000 CDs (with 30,000 songs say) in separate boxes and trying to find your music…