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JJJ Unearthed Artist – ILUKA Music Video Released

Iluka’s Music Video -Delores and the Business Man has been released online. Stand-by for the TV release…

Technically: shot on 5dMk3, 5dMk2, 8mm at 18fps, 25fps and in some instances 50 fps (5dMk3) – with layers of effects over the digital originated, the raw transfer of the 8mm  film still  looks the best…

You can also download the song from http://www.triplejunearthed.com/iluka

Also – ILUKAs earlier song – Paper Doll- that Xorigin used in our popular Roamz video – has been nominated for JJJ Hottest 100! Vote for her song Paper Doll on the Triple J website here.

You will find the song used on our video for Roamz. The video was shot on 2 x 5dii – including Steadicam and a core crew of 5 over 2.5 days.