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Singapore Shoot

Xorigin were lucky enough to be asked to pitch a glossy promotional video for a long-standing client in Singapore. We shot with a local DOP, gaffer and cast on the Canon C300, and some pickups on the Canon 5d3. With a lot of camera movement in our video (track and a jib-arm) – the C300 did not suffer the rolling shutter or compression artefacts from all the movement we might have expected with a 5d2 or a 5d3. For a review of the C300 see:

One pain of course was that the C300 MXF CODEC Рactually Рnot the CODEC Рbut that my new Retina with Mountain Lion does not have a FCP driver for the Canon C300 yet. Apparently the previous OS had a 1-year lag before the CODEC was available from Canon Рnot looking forward to that as I am keen to use the C300 again.  Luckily Steve 1st AD/ Continuity/ Editor (yes he was very very busy) is smart and has the last of the solid Mac OS still installed on his laptop РSnow Leopard (as I do on my Desktop and secondary laptop) Рso he could transcode all of the footage. The iphone photograph of the outdoor scene does not do the C300 justice Рwe exposed for the detail of the bright background and pulled out the face detail in post Рthere was a lot of image information there!