New Firmware Canon 5d3 422 Output

Canon has released the new Firmware update for the 5dmk3 – looking forward to trying it out. It will mean a faster workflow, less compression, more monitoring flexibility, and also the ability to record to 2 devices at once (ie the internal card, and an external recorder). After having an SSD failure that was close to catastrophic on a Blackmagic Cinema Camera, the need to record in parralell has been an important lesson.


It is a shame that the Macbookpro Retina is not a Pro computer – the HDMI is only an output device – part of the consumerisation of what used to be professional Apple products.

The link to download is here!

Now – the only issue – is which recorder to get…

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The China-Tibet Overland

Day 1, met up with Greg from Southern Lantern Films in Shanghai. Tmrw we go check the bikes and meet the rest of the team.

We have between us, 5Dmk2 x 2, 5dMk3, jib, slider, intervalometer, Gopro Mk2 x 6, various tripods and mounts and batteries – lots of batteries to deal with the cold and lack of electricity.