We have helped launch new products for major electronics, software, automobile and food companies. We have increased recognition around perfume, fashion, jewelry and luxury goods.

We have also created news stories for Red Carpet social events for some of the brightest advertising, PR and expiriential agencies, and produced and directed international live-crosses and broadcasts for news release, product promotion and launches.

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Showreel 2017

Limited Showreel

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Crying with the Handsome Man – Japan

Mini Documentary

In Japan there is a service where you pay to have a handsome man bring you to tears, then dry them from your cheeks… After numerous meetings with Mr Hiroki Terai, founder of Ikemeso Takkyubin–literally–the ‘Tear Courier,’ we had a chance to film the Handsome Man in action, and interview the Crying Women. It is a serious service filling a serious need, as we grew to realise while filming.

Global Premium Brand – Alcohol


Food Reel

Compilation Food Reel

Architectural Workplace Design


Cisco's new workplace design features - Singapore

Xorigin Online Advertisement for Roamz


From Concept to execution in 3 weeks

il Divo Behind the Scenes Opera House

Promo DVD

Behind the Scenes with Miranda Kerr


Miranda Kerr - Behind the Scenes for Clear TVC

Nespresso Flagship Store Opening

PR Event EPK

Nespresso Opening Overnight Edit

Spinal Cord Injury