How we do it

We help tell your story via the creation of video for

  • Product launch, promotion or video media release
  • An event video showcasing your product or capabilities
  • Complex communications challenge (multifaceted media, documentary, TV series, webisodes, multimedia iPhone/ iPad / tablet app).

Xorigin was an early adopter of game-changing technologies like web-streaming and HD video. From the start we have been using DSLRs like the Canon 5DMk2 and the 5DMk3. This allows us to produce high-production-value video, with greater flexibility at a fraction of the cost of legacy technology.

We are also developing a tablet/ smartphone video sharing platform. We continually work with the smartest hot-young-practitioners in video, graphics, design, music and editing and visual effects. It is our people and vision that give your video a creative, innovative edge.