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Crying with the Handsome Man

Need someone to comfort you when you cry? There is a service for that… A legitimate business opportunity in the segmentation and business of human emotional needs.

After numerous meetings in Tokyo with Mr Hiroki Terai, founder of Ikemeso Takkyubin–literally–the ‘Tear Couriers,’ we finally had a chance to film the Handsome Man in action, and interview the Crying Women – off the back of a separate corporate video shoot in Japan.

This service is indicative of Japanese society, and the crying need for emotional connection. In a society where most women in high pressure jobs don’t have a supporting partner to come home to and discuss the stresses of the day to relax, there is a need unfulfilled – a need Ikemeso Takyyubin fills. Increasingly as we all have more virtual – rather than in-person relationships, there will be an increasing need for this service around the world…

Drop me a line if you are interested to start this service in other countries – we can hook you up with the grand master!

Quad ‘Copter

This potentially low budget video would have been unthinkably expensive 5 years ago – before the combination of quad-copters and lightweight HD video cameras. The genius of Patreon put these two disruptive technologies together as others have – but with some simple but smart smart production  to come up with this;


New Firmware Canon 5d3 422 Output

Canon has released the new Firmware update for the 5dmk3 – looking forward to trying it out. It will mean a faster workflow, less compression, more monitoring flexibility, and also the ability to record to 2 devices at once (ie the internal card, and an external recorder). After having an SSD failure that was close to catastrophic on a Blackmagic Cinema Camera, the need to record in parralell has been an important lesson.

It is a shame that the Macbookpro Retina is not a Pro computer – the HDMI is only an output device – part of the consumerisation of what used to be professional Apple products.

The link to download is here!

Now – the only issue – is which recorder to get…


Friday Wisdom

I think most businesses can identify with this – there is always a potential client who is cost sensitive – or price sensitive is more correct. It comes back to the value of their brand and reputation – how they wish it to be portrayed.  Coming from three generations of engineering and manufacturing – we have always learned that you choose the best you can afford, and take good care of it. As a filmmaker, when you are on a freezing mountain pass in Tibet, you don’t even notice when your expensive camera and equipment performs perfectly – but you do notice when it doesn’t. BTW –  If you haven’t heard of Red Adair, you need to watch more films.

_MG_5223 (ZF-3084-58723-1-004) (1 of 1)

JJJ Unearthed Artist – ILUKA Music Video Released

Iluka’s Music Video -Delores and the Business Man has been released online. Stand-by for the TV release…

Technically: shot on 5dMk3, 5dMk2, 8mm at 18fps, 25fps and in some instances 50 fps (5dMk3) – with layers of effects over the digital originated, the raw transfer of the 8mm  film still  looks the best…

You can also download the song from

Also – ILUKAs earlier song – Paper Doll- that Xorigin used in our popular Roamz video – has been nominated for JJJ Hottest 100! Vote for her song Paper Doll on the Triple J website here.

You will find the song used on our video for Roamz. The video was shot on 2 x 5dii – including Steadicam and a core crew of 5 over 2.5 days.

4 Dec

Pedestrian.TV Party/ Exhibition

The photo comp exhibition launch party was at a fantastic location (Wylies baths at Coogee) – won overall by a 19yo with a very good eye… with photography – it is about being at the right place at the right time – with a camera, and knowing what to do with it – and he certainly was…. for more information.

IMG_7319 (1 of 1)

Singapore Shoot

Xorigin were lucky enough to be asked to pitch a glossy promotional video for a long-standing client in Singapore. We shot with a local DOP, gaffer and cast on the Canon C300, and some pickups on the Canon 5d3. With a lot of camera movement in our video (track and a jib-arm) – the C300 did not suffer the rolling shutter or compression artefacts from all the movement we might have expected with a 5d2 or a 5d3. For a review of the C300 see:

One pain of course was that the C300 MXF CODEC – actually – not the CODEC – but that my new Retina with Mountain Lion does not have a FCP driver for the Canon C300 yet. Apparently the previous OS had a 1-year lag before the CODEC was available from Canon – not looking forward to that as I am keen to use the C300 again.  Luckily Steve 1st AD/ Continuity/ Editor (yes he was very very busy) is smart and has the last of the solid Mac OS still installed on his laptop – Snow Leopard (as I do on my Desktop and secondary laptop) – so he could transcode all of the footage. The iphone photograph of the outdoor scene does not do the C300 justice – we exposed for the detail of the bright background and pulled out the face detail in post – there was a lot of image information there!

_MG_4503 (ZF-3084-58723-1-007) (10 of 13)

ILUKA Music Video – Canon 8mm Film Shoot + Canon 5dMk2, 5d3

The 70s Had it! They had funky clothes, cool looking aeroplanes, good films coming from Australia – and most importantly – film – 8mm film. Xorigin shot about 50 mins of video on 5dmk2 and 5dmk3, and 3mins20seconds of 8mm film.  3mins 10 seconds of 8mm film turned out spectacularly  - it has that intangible analogue look – looking warmer and more beautiful than the latest 5d3 with L-series and Zeiss glass- even after the 8mm film was scanned at a much lower resolution than the 5dMk 3.  For a look at the result, check out the trailer for the video at;

(this was before we had the 8mm film – stand-by for the final video).

The 8mm camera we used was the Canon 814 Super 8 there are more complex ones, and simpler ones. We also have the Bauer which has more features but needs a service, and my 16mm Beaulieu was gifted away a year ago.

Photo Credits: David at