Crying with the Handsome Man

Need someone to comfort you when you cry? There is a service for that… A legitimate business opportunity in the segmentation and business of human emotional needs.

After numerous meetings in Tokyo with Mr Hiroki Terai, founder of Ikemeso Takkyubin–literally–the ‘Tear Couriers,’ we finally had a chance to film the Handsome Man in action, and interview the Crying Women – off the back of a separate corporate video shoot in Japan.

This service is indicative of Japanese society, and the crying need for emotional connection. In a society where most women in high pressure jobs don’t have a supporting partner to come home to and discuss the stresses of the day to relax, there is a need unfulfilled – a need Ikemeso Takyyubin fills. Increasingly as we all have more virtual – rather than in-person relationships, there will be an increasing need for this service around the world…

Drop me a line if you are interested to start this service in other countries – we can hook you up with the grand master!