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ILUKA Music Video – Canon 8mm Film Shoot + Canon 5dMk2, 5d3

The 70s Had it! They had funky clothes, cool looking aeroplanes, good films coming from Australia – and most importantly – film – 8mm film. Xorigin shot about 50 mins of video on 5dmk2 and 5dmk3, and 3mins20seconds of 8mm film.  3mins 10 seconds of 8mm film turned out spectacularly  - it has that intangible analogue look – looking warmer and more beautiful than the latest 5d3 with L-series and Zeiss glass- even after the 8mm film was scanned at a much lower resolution than the 5dMk 3.  For a look at the result, check out the trailer for the video at;

(this was before we had the 8mm film – stand-by for the final video).

The 8mm camera we used was the Canon 814 Super 8 there are more complex ones, and simpler ones. We also have the Bauer which has more features but needs a service, and my 16mm Beaulieu was gifted away a year ago.

Photo Credits: David at www.degeniephotography.com

Production Zen

Back to the old saying – audio, 10% of the cost, 90% of the problems. Lesson – you never save money on audio.  Also, good audio recording is rare in India – Xorigin has paid local crews full US daily rates and gotten results that a film student in Sydney would be embarrassed by.  All dialogue in Indian films is done in post in a sound booth.