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iTunes Library Spring Cleaning/ De-duplicating/ Library Merging

Anyone who has a video or music library in iTunes over the years and multiple machines, probably has many itunes libraries…

I have a Mac Mini, 2 Macbook pros, 2 iPads (business/ personal) and desktop Mac and 2 iPhones – as well as  machines that have been retired so I’ve ended up with at least 4 iTunes libraries.

I’ve researched many ways to remove duplicates or do you duplicate my iTunes library I have also researched many ways to manage the iTunes library space almost every method has its drawback I have gone for a roundabout way to remove duplicates and most libraries

Araxis Find Duplate Files application – at only  $9.99  works well.
Basically I scan iTunes media folders in multiple iTunes libraries (perhaps 30,000 items)  and then I work with the scan results. There is a way to highlight duplicates which then I remove one copy and delete – yippee – I am de-duplicated…
Then there is also a way to show items without duplicates across multiple libraries – which I then sort by source library folder. Having sorted by source library folder I select the source library files that are not duplicates,  and simply drag those in to the master library.  Yes I lose playlist information and other items but at least I have a streamlined system that is merged, and have a single library to work with.
Mashduo is also a free app which you run across your iTunes library files – and it quickly shows where you have items that need to be moved into your new library.
Sounds like a lot of messing around – but it is considerably less than having, say, 10,000 CDs (with 30,000 songs say) in separate boxes and trying to find your music…

Photography – and Production is like this…

Strikes a chord – I was a photographer before I took up video-production full-time and still shoot some today. This point is equally valid when you make a nice film. When the film is beautiful, some people ask who was on camera, or who did the lighting… In reality it is a team affair – but has little to do with equipment. Three years ago I did a series of photographs for a client in Hong Kong – he said – ‘Wow, that was fast – but you mean, I paid US$5,000 for 30minutes work?’ My response – “Yes, but it took me 8 years of photography to be able to do that in 30 minutes.” His response “Point taken, terrific job!”

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The China-Tibet Overland

Day 1, met up with Greg from Southern Lantern Films in Shanghai. Tmrw we go check the bikes and meet the rest of the team.

We have between us, 5Dmk2 x 2, 5dMk3, jib, slider, intervalometer, Gopro Mk2 x 6, various tripods and mounts and batteries – lots of batteries to deal with the cold and lack of electricity.

Everest Base Camp Trip – Overland…

Xorigjn is partnering with Southern Lantern Films (Singapore) for our overland epic Everest Base Camp moto trip.

Check out the Shanghai test footage at the bottom of the page by Greg at Southern Lantern.

Documenting Food & Lifestyle in Mexico

A month ago I was asked by a premium food book publisher to document food and lifestyle in Mexico in full High Definition video. There was an additional constraint – it had to be in a low-impact, low-key way, so my obvious choice was the Canon 5D Mark II with a Zacuto Z-Finder Pro viewfinder.

Filming at historic sites in Mexico requires a lengthy approval process, whereas amateur photography (ie photography without a tripod) – requires no special approvals. Also, the last thing someone from overseas needs in Mexico is to draw attention to themselves on the side of the street.

My camera kit consisted of the Canon 5D Mark II, a 50mm f1.4 lens, 24-70 f2.8L, 70-200 f2.8L, polarisers, an external Tascam 800 recorder, a UHF radio microphone, a shoulder mount, a Litepannel Macro-pro and the trusty Zacuto Z-finder. I also had three 32GB cards, a Macbook Pro and an additional backup hard drive. This grew to an additional mirrored hard drive after the still photographer in the group, Ralph Velasco, had one of his travel bags lost on one of our 5 internal flights. Read more

Xorigin’s Measles Vaccinations in Bangladesh Shooting Challenge

In February 2010, Darryl Thoms of Xorigin Productions had the opportunity to work in Bangladesh to shoot both video and stills covering a children’s vaccination program for a major international aid organization.

“We shot around Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh in the major distribution centre for the vaccinations, the slum areas, as well as a trip to rural Bangladesh – capturing the vaccination program in action” explained Darryl. Read more